NEW! Staghorn pelvis tattoo with appliers!

October 4, 2014 in Tattoos by Lost Eden

Hello ladies,

This is the first time I release a tattoo on my store!
I have made tattoos in the past, but they all were for personal use and I’ve always thought that they will stay that way. Well I suppose I changed my mind with this one…maybe I liked the result too much to not share it with my dear customers! I have to admit I like designing tattoos so maybe you will see more releases of that kind in the future…

So…Staghorn Tattoo includes:

  • 4 versions of the tattoo: Regular, Faded & Tintable (regular & faded)
  • Physique, Wowmeh, Phat Azz, Ghetto booty & Omega appliers

Available in the Lost Eden Mainstore or on the Marketplace!

antler stag horn tattoo second life lost eden

The regular & faded version is a black ink tattoo that comes in all system layers, while the tintable one comes in tattoo system layer only and can be modified so that you can change its color to whichever hue you like!

As for the appliers, they are only for the black ink version (not the tintable one).
Because most of the mesh bodies are not modifiable, I thought that tinting a clothing layer on a mesh body will be a tricky business for many people , if possible at all. So I decided to avoid offering appliers for the tintable version of the tattoo in the package.
Nevertheless, if someone who has already bought the product, needs a specific applier for the tintable version (not any applier, just for the body/attachments that I am already offering), IM EonCross  inworld and I ll be happy to help you.

In the photo…
I am using TheMeshProject body
(Unfortunately that developer’s kit that I’ve been waiting from TheMeshProject never came on time, so not TMP appliers in the pack:(